Logo Tech 101

04/20/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


Why are logos so important? A logo is unique to your company and helps it stand out from the crowd providing a quick and easy reference to your particular product or brand. A logo is like a face; every one is different. Imagine if everyone had the same face? Things would be boring and very confusing. Having a well designed logo eliminates confusion and creates interest and security for the viewer.

To most people, a business name by itself is forgotten minutes after it's seen for the first time. However, add a nifty picture or graphic to go with the name; and that name - or now that logo creates a much longer lasting first impression, which in turn helps people remember it (remember a picture is worth 1000 words!). Since it's remembered, it becomes much more easily recognized the next time or easily described to someone else (word of mouth is GOOD). That's why it's important for a logo to be clean, clear and big enough to be seen. 

A well designed logo helps to establish credibility. And we all like to purchase things from a credible company. A logo tells someone a product is real or authentic. It’s often the first thing we look at. When buying a T-shirt, we look at the tag; if we see that “Hanes” or “Fruit of the Loom” logo we know it’s a quality shirt, but just seeing a generic name we don’t recognize usually forces that shirt back on the rack because we are unsure. We want potential customers to feel comfortable not unsure. A well designed logo helps to ease these senses of insecurity.

5 things to consider when thinking about a logo:

  • It should be simple & flexible enough to be used anywhere. From print to web, black and white or color, small or large. If your logo MUST be tall and skinny, remember how that’s going to look on your website or letterhead. These areas will need to be adjusted so the logo proportions stay in tact and are still readable. Same goes for business cards and email signatures if the logo must be really wide. Don’t forget about advertising - advertising space is limited. Extremely tall or wide logos won’t work well in some situations. Same goes for colors. We can’t always afford that 4 color advertisement so the black and white logo has to work.
  • It should represent your brand or product in some way. Whether it ties in with the name, or the industry or the product it must represent something. A random swoosh with the name is fine, (ala Nike) but when adding a random picture think about what people will think of when they see it. Just because you love dogs doesn’t mean your jewelry business logo should have a dog in it. Common sense here.
  • Go in to the design process with SOME sort of idea. It’s nice to let your designer have freedom but make sure to be able to give some direction.
  • Try to avoid using logo design software. These programs will never match the originality and creativity of an actual designer.
  • Don't settle - make sure you LOVE it.