What is a CMS?

04/07/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


CMS means Content Management System. It's a sophisticated back end web interface allowing non technical users to manage, maintain and edit the content of their website. The initial setup is usually left to design and programming professionals because in addition to making it look the way you want, there is a lengthy installation process along with complicated database configurations that need to be implemented. Note - a CMS is specifically designed for the website owner to be able to manage and maintain their site content - it is completely transparent to all visitors of the website.

However, once the initial programming and design setup is complete, most CMS's are user friendly enough for your average computer user. CMS's allow users to keep up-to-date with content which in turn keeps their site fresh and visitors interested.

Content Management Systems also allow for multiple content editing users - for example an article based website might utilize several writers or journalists. These users can all have separate access to be able to write and publish content to be available to the world in minutes.

In conclusion:
CMS's are wonderful tools for keeping websites up-to-date and fresh making the whole "web" experience more enjoyable for everyone.