What does Photoshopping Mean?

06/14/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


That's been photoshopped hasn't it? Photoshopping, photoshopped, photochop...We've all heard these terms but what exactly do they mean? They simply mean that a photo or image has been edited in some way - aka photo manipulation.

However, the actual terms or sayings come from the computer program Adobe Photoshop that has become the industry standard software for professional image and photo editing. An image that's been modified using this program has been "photoshopped". Adobe Photoshop is a robust program graphic designers use for everything from creating logos, and page layout to complex graphical animations. Pictures can be manipulated in all sorts of ways including re-touching (or airbrushing) a face to eliminate blemishes, or removing something in the background of a family photo. Fashion magazines and the like are famous for re-touching photos of famous people to make them look better.

The term is also commonly associated with reference to visual jokes. The end result being a humorous image created by combining several photos into one - aka a photo montage. The subject can be anything but it's typically a photo featuring something (or someone) in the news that is usually recognized by everyone and circulated via e-mail for a laugh. It's obviously a Photoshopped image - or a Photochop.

Not so obvious Photoshopped images are also passed via e-mail but passed as actual news or something that's real in order to create some sort of national "buzz". These are usually later revealed to be hoaxes.