Why is Customer Service So Important?

06/15/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


Why do we all dread having to call customer service when we have a problem? Because we always have to wait and/or are always given a hard time right? To be nice, helpful and polite is a simple thing really, and we all know customer service is important yet we deal with irate, improperly equipped and rude customer service agents on the phone every day. I guess the old saying "The customer is always right" has been (...)

What does Photoshopping Mean?

06/14/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


That's been photoshopped hasn't it? Photoshopping, photoshopped, photochop...We've all heard these terms but what exactly do they mean? They simply mean that a photo or image has been edited in some way - aka photo manipulation.

However, the actual terms or sayings come from the computer program Adobe Photoshop that has become the industry standard software for professional image (...)

What Makes a Great Website?

05/11/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.

Of course we all want our website to look great. But what actually makes a "GREAT" website? Hint Hint: It's more than just graphics and a fancy logo - Read on to find out...

Not only do we want people to browse and buy, we want them to return to browse and buy more! We also want them to tell their friends and family. (Can you say (...)

“FREE” Business Advertising with Vehicle Lettering

04/20/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


What better way to advertise your business for FREE then on your vehicle. Wherever you go your business will be seen. Depending on how and where you drive this could be exposure to 1000’s of people a day that otherwise wouldn’t see it. With a relatively cheap upfront cost for design and installation, everything after that is FREE. One or 2 sales or jobs and it’s paid for. Just think it’s like having a moving billboard with (...)

A picture is worth 1000 words

04/20/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


I hate online shopping with sites that have poor quality pictures or none at all. I'm not sure there is anything worse. If I'm looking to purchase something online and I come across a site with no pictures, I instantly go elsewhere even if the price is right. Most people are the same way; they want to SEE what they are buying even if they know exactly what it looks like - we all know A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS!


Logo Tech 101

04/20/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


Why are logos so important? A logo is unique to your company and helps it stand out from the crowd providing a quick and easy reference to your particular product or brand. A logo is like a face; every one is different. Imagine if everyone had the same face? Things would be boring and very confusing. Having a well designed logo eliminates confusion and creates interest and security for the viewer.

To most people, a (...)

What is a CMS?

04/07/2009 | Michael Martinelli Jr.


CMS means Content Management System. It's a sophisticated back end web interface allowing non technical users to manage, maintain and edit the content of their website. The initial setup is usually left to design and programming professionals because in addition to making it look the way you want, there is a lengthy installation process along with complicated database configurations that need to be implemented. Note - a CMS is specifically designed (...)